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Ready to make your business successful?

One-on-one coaching will help you grow your business revenue, teach you marketing strategies, and make more money with each coaching session. 

Each session is tailored to your business needs and assists you with finding clarity in the purpose of your business. 

Client Testimonials

Rakayla Nettles, Owner of BnB Hair CO

Jessica Atkins, Owner of Relax Babe LLC

Investment Options

Tidy Desk

Intro Call

15 Minutes

15 introduction to understand your business needs.




90 Day Coaching Program

3 Months

This coaching plan is designed to give you direction and a jumpstart into your six-figure business. If you're tired of just making ends meet it's time to jump this coaching program.



Hair Salon

6 Month Coaching Program

6 Months

No more long hours, missing family events, or empty bank accounts. This program gets you from stuck to flourishing with a customized plan to change the direction of your business. 



For speaking engagements and group/salon team coaching


Contact me to discuss your specific needs. 

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