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Building A Clientele Sucks

Building a clientele after beauty school is very challenging. Why? Because you are new to the industry, terrified of frying hair, and everything is hitting you at once. So much reality is slapping you around I'm sure you're seeing stars right now. Let me tell ya I have been there and I am happy to say it gets easier. 

Step 1: Check Yourself

The first thing that needs to happen is stop talking to yourself negatively. So what if you are new to the industry. You have been doing hair all day almost everyday with instructors for 1600 hours. So you know more than the person who watches Youtube and researches products. Be confident in your skill and remember that practice makes perfect. If you're uncomfortable with haircutting or coloring you

need to practice on your mani and take some classes.

Step 2: Great Social Media

The common misconception is that you need to post all the time everyday. People should see how busy you are and that you are in demand. WRONG! You need good content with great captions and quality pictures. I have seen so much growth in my page when I focused on what I was posting then how many likes I got.

Here's the tea...

*Amazing pictures of your work with good lighting that showcases your work. DO NOT over edit your work. If you need a heavy filter or you have to Facetune everything the picture shouldn't be posted.

*Your captions should not say what it is you did. Example: Blonde Balayage with long layered cut. That caption sucks and no one cares. Britt Seva says it best. Your post should be inspiring, tells a story, or entertains your audience. Don't you love to be entertained or inspired?

*Commit to posting when it is convenient for you. Find the time and days that you can post regularly and consistently. If you can post every Monday at 9am. DO IT!

Step 3: Social Media Is Not Everything

Hate to say it but you still need to do some ground work to get your clients. What does that mean? You still need business cards to pass out when you are out and about. You need to look like your in the beauty industry. Lastly, you need to network with other people to get your name out there. Hey introverts! This means you too. I know its hard and scary but take it one step at a time.

Step 4: Find an area you can build in

The worst thing you can do is start building clients and then move to another location. Then your there for a couple months and you move again. Find the city you want to work in and try to stay there. I know that life happens and somethings you have to move, but if you try to stay in one location you don't have to worry about moving 45 minutes away and starting over.

In short, building a clientele after beauty school doesn't have to suck. You just need a plan and you need to work your plan. If something doesn't work out you just have to revise the plan. Stop the anxiety and get with the plan.

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